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CUSTOM FIT PLUS  is owned and operated by Allan Havranek and Nicholas Kefalos.

Allan and Nicholas are both current members of the Smithtown Fire Department.  Both have been performing Respirator Fit Testing for over 22 years within the Fire, EMS and Industrial Communities.

Custom Fit Plus has been in business for over 12 years and has performed thousands of respirator fit tests. 

We use state-of-the-art TSI Portacount Plus Fit Test Machines, which provide immediate, non-subjective results. 

At the current time, CUSTOM FIT PLUS has nine (9) Portacount “Fit Test” machines for the testing of your Indoor Structural Firefighters and Employees and for the testing of your EMS / Medical and Lab personnel. This makes the testing process fast and efficient.

Our Technicians are factory trained and proficient in quantitative methods of "Fit Testing" for all types of respirators, including full-face, half-face, N-95, KN-95 and N-100.


The OSHA revision of its Respiratory Protection Standard does affect all of the emergency response community as well as any other personnel who wear respirators to better protect them from the inhalation hazards they face when doing thier jobs or assigned tasks.

Those Companies, Fire Departments and Ambulance Corps that value the safety, health and well-being of their personnel must make the effort to meet or exceed all of the requirements of this OSHA standard, which took effect in 1998.


Our work with other Physicians in the area is well documented. Custom Fit Plus and its employees currently provide fit testing services to Dr. Jorge Gardyn of IOMR, Dr. John Folan of Sound Medical and Dr. Raymond Basri of Health Safety Specialists. We previously performed all fit testing services for Dr. Emrick Milligan of St. James Medical. 


CUSTOM FIT PLUS will do all that is necessary to ensure the proper protection of those personnel wearing respirators.

Serving the Needs of  Fire, E.M.S., and Medical Services as well as General Industry

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